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Educational Water Art Project for Adults and Children

Water Art

Observing ice patterns by freezing water

Fun for all ages 🙂

The wonder of water...

Play Video about WaterArt - Learn how to make mesmerizing water ice crystals at home with our unique techniques.

Art is an Extension of the Artist

Veda Austin

To fully appreciate art it is important to know about the artist. The Water Art project is based on the freezing method of New Zealand artist, Veda Austin.

Veda Austin is of Maori descent. The Maori are the indigenous people of New Zealand, and have a deep connection to water. 

This concept is encompassed here in one of their sayings, ‘Ko ahau te awa, ko te awa ko ahau’ – “I am the river, the river is me”.


Maori believe that all life, including water, has a life-force energy known as ‘Mauri’. From Veda’s perspective, water is a teacher that shares information through patterns as it freezes.

Her passion for water and the visual arts led her to inquire, ‘What can water show us?’. By long term observation, Veda Austin discovered that water freezes in 3 layers. 

The first layer shares clear, formative ice patterns. This is the stage she photographs the ice.

The following two stages are when water is transitioning into a solid and they simultaneously freeze over the first ice design.

Veda says that water is a true artist, and everything about this freezing stage is creative.

Veda has become famous for her incredible ice photos, inspiring thousands of people around the world to use her freezing method to learn more about the nature of water.

Here are a few of her pictures

Example 1

Veda placed a glass petri dish with water on top of a paper with number 4 written on it and put the petri dish in the freezer.

Veda Austin A WaterArt plate with a number 4 written on it.


For her, number 4 appeared as a drawing of ice crystals in the frozen water.

With >10 years of experience and over 38.000 photo examples, one still wonders… How does water do that?

Veda Austin A WaterArt plate with a number 4 written on it.

Example 2

Veda placed a glass petri dish with water on top of a photo of her friend and put the petri dish in the freezer.

veda_Austin_face_ WaterArt's website.


This image appeared in the ice crystals of the frozen water.

Fascinating, isn’t it? Are you curious to explore this yourself

veda_Austin_face_ WaterArt's website.

Example 3

Veda placed an Amethyst pyramid in the glass petri dish with water and put the petri dish in the freezer.

An amethyst pyramid in a glass bowl.


The pyramid appeared as a drawing of ice crystals in the frozen water.

Super cool!


Technique & Application

WaterArt clear glass petridish bowls on a blue background.

What you need:

  • Petri dish
  • Inspiration
    • your own drawing
    • friend’s photo
    • your favorite music
    • your own idea
    • etc.
A home frontpage refrigerator freezer filled with a lot of food.


  • Freezer
  • Camera (smartphone is good too)
  • Veda Austin’s WaterArt program (provided upon signup link below)

What to expect?

Water is able to reveal many organic designs as it freezes. What one person might see will likely be different from someone else. Water is the artist, and by using different types of water you’ll discover patterns for yourself. 

Water Art is not about replicating Veda’s pictures, but about discovering new ones.  You might see designs that look like trees, ferns, flowers, grasses, hexagons, waves, circles and stars. You might observe disordered lines and dots depending on the kind of water you use. 

In some cases you might see pictures in your Petri dish. It is important to remember that there is no wrong way to do this.

It is a way of learning about nature using a simple, yet cutting edge method.

You ALWAYS get the correct image. There is NO wrong image.

You provide the inspiration and water is the artist. 

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Veda's observations: "Water forms in 3 ways when it is freezing"


Signature patterns.

These are patterns specific to different kinds of water.

Top left quadrant: Source water; top right quadrant: rain water; bottom left; tap water, bottom right; filtered water


Artist expressions.

Veda  always says:
“Art is the heart of water’.



Symbols in ice that Veda has identified doing repeated tests. at least 50 times per hydroglyph.

A captivating collage of frost artistry on a home window. [WaterArt] 3_communnications_1
Waterart_Communications_2_ A captivating collage of animals and birds showcasing their beauty in a stunning display.
Waterart_Communications_3_ A visually captivating collection of rocks and stones, perfect for transforming your home frontpage with mesmerizing WaterArt.

Lesson example

Another example of Veda's explorations

Veda investigated how water would respond to her thought.

Veda lives near the ocean, and was thinking of a sailboat..

Let’s have a look at a live video recording of what then happened inside her fridge.

Is it my imagination that I see water creating a sailboat? 

What do you see?


Water Art inspires Children to Explore

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Urgency of Water education

On Earth over 80% of fresh water is polluted.

Worldwide ongoing pollution of water proves that among the Homo-Sapiens species, conscious awareness is too low related to:
(A) the fact that water is the source of all life
(B) the impact polluted water has on health and
(C) our survival as species.

Inspiring water education is urgent in every country.

How can we give water education to an 8yr old student in an easy to understand, fun and inspiring way?

33010106_tree-of-knowledge_400x300_90p An open book with a tree growing out of it, creating a unique WaterArt masterpiece for the frontpage of your home.

Global Rollout

The World Water Community is all about making a positive impact in the world and bridging the water knowledge gap through water education.

Creating Water Art crystallography images is easy, fun, and educational. It teaches us to experience water in a new way.

Join our mission bringing WaterArt education to every school, in every country, worldwide.

You can start supporting our global mission simply by sharing this page with your friends and through giving a small donation. 

How does the World Water Community support the water art education project?

The World Water Community provides:

  • Infrastructure and organization
  • Teacher lesson package
  • Physical student lesson package with petri dish, and more
  • Online video teaching system
  • Translations (Video & PDF) 15 languages
  • Support
  • Water Art gallery (images, video testimonials)
  • and more…


Students package

  • Lesson package box
    • Petri dish DURAN®  Boro 3.3
    • Measuring cup 50ml
    • Guide (Booklet A5)
  • Access to online class system
    • How to make Water Art (video)
    • Guide (PDF in 15 languages)
    • Hydroglyphs explanations (PDF)

Teachers package

  • Same as students
  • Plus a teacher lesson package with example lessons

preregistration for schools & teachers

Veda's Quotes

An image of a heart in the shape of a tarot card.

“Just as we can feel when someone admires us, so can water.”

“Water shows you what it looks like in its natural state.”

“Observe the patterns the water wants you to see.”

A heart shaped water splash on a white background.

“Don’t expect the water to create images on demand.”

“Water is free to choose.”

“Demanding water to do what you want, works just as well as demanding of someone that they love you.”