World Water Community is a Dutch TAX-deductible nonprofit Foundation

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Jaarlijks per leerlaag, wereldwijde roll-out.

Statistics, budget basics

Impact & preliminary budget *Qty Budget
Qty Schools161
Qty Classes per school (average)5
Total Qty Classes805
Average Qty Students per Class26
Estimated Total Qty Students (rounded)210

The calculation estimates are based on known and unknown data.

Qty of students vary per school type (MAVO/HAVO /etc..)
and per school layer, 1st, 2nd, etc. 

In itself these numbers are not important, only to estimate the scope. (qty of students / petri dishes, support needed) and thus costs / funds required.

To real impact can be measured 

Student Education Pack
Education Pack - Word water Communityex btwbtwinc btw
Petri dish + Measuring cup + Booklet (in box) Purchase Prs8,551,8010,35
LMS, Data bandwidth and community server0,250,050,30
Customer / student support2,150,452,61

Purchase price of the Student Education Pack – Word water Community
Petri dish + Measuring cup + Booklet (in box) Purchase Price *
LMS, Data bandwidth and community server
Customer / student support
* This Student is NOT FOR SALE. (maybe in the future)

The booklet is the printed version of the PDF, (retail Value € 30,-)
and has 3 pages more, containing the list of sponsors (Names / company logo’s)
Sponsors may vary per year / and per country.

Social media Marketing
Social_media_marketingex btwbtwinc btw
Social Media and newspaper Adverts0,000,000,00
Postal mailing to potential sponsors0,590,120,71

Country wide media exposure in newspapers, articles / advertorials and advertisements is essential to reach potential (older) individual sponsors.

Younger and working generation is best reached through social media and short video’s i.e. targeted advertisement on Facebook, LinkedIn, Telegram.

NOTE: Whilst we mention our TOP sponsors under each advertorial.

Huge saving (estimated 200K) can be saved when companies (A) send an email to their employees to help aid donating a small amount this WaterArt project and
(B) as employees to promote this WaterArt project through their own social media connections.

This budget is flexible and can be reduced greatly, especially when schools ask their students. hence money given to the World Water Community WaterArt project, by donations/sponsors will not unnecessary spend on advertising, and used for the project.

Veda visiting The Netherlands – meetings with Veda

Veda (family) visiting The Netherlandsex btwbtwinc btw
Flights + Hotel + Food , 14 days0,080,020,09

A visit of Veda Austin so students, teachers, donors and sponsors can have a meet and greet is calculated in the budget.

Students, teachers and sponsors also get an online live video meeting met Veda. 

Normal price and  WWC Student price

Normal Pricesex VATVATinc VAT
Veda’s CMP Freezing Technique - Video ± 30 minutes40,008,4048,40
Veda’s CMP Technique - PDF30,006,3036,30
Veda’s Hydroglyphs ( image interpretation )40,008,4048,40

Normal price and  WWC Student price

Price comparisonex VATVATinc VAT
Total Value Veda Austin Student pack12927156
WWC Student Pack inc LMS & support19423

Compared to normal reatil price in our courses webshop,