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Blije lerares


The wonder of WaterArt offers intrinsic motivation to learn more about water.

Water education is important

The World Water Community aims to offer this Water Art to students as low-cost as possible, preferably for free, this depends on donors and sponsors.

We can lower the costs when we bulk order the petri dishes, and create the student and teacher packages for a large number of participants. But we also need to know which schools and teachers are interested….


WaterArt as medium for objective feedback

Teachers are not allowed to say personal remarks. Water Art  allows to objectify the conversation with students.

It is interesting to know that Veda’s current research suggests that people with similar mindset, get similar symbols. 

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A woman talking to a woman in a library.
A little girl holding up a sign that says save our earth, emphasizing the importance of water conservation.


World Water Community is a Dutch nonprofit tax-deductible foundation

The World Water Community strives to offer WaterArt to students at the lowest possible cost, preferably free of charge, depending on donors and sponsors.

Fresh drinking water is a global issues, educating our next generation about our most important source of live key to our survival. Donate to make our Water Education learning line school curriculum a reality.

One student kit (costs 25,- approximately): booklet, petri dish, measuring cup, packaging

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We have chosen to implement the project in smaller increments, municipality by municipality.

This approach enables local companies to sponsor and support water education within their own community, giving them social community branding. 

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