This website is still under construction.
We are still working on some pages and texts.

Maps & Directories

A collection of maps on a sandy coastline.

Like this Project?

World Water Community offers numerous directories. These are maps with data relevant to Water around the world.

This enables us all to connect globally and act locally. To find other Water enthusiasts in your neighborhood and collaborate with others in different continents.

The directories content is created by World Water Community members. The content is open to visitors outside the community.

At the moment we offer the following directories:

  • Organizations
  • Projects
  • Labs
  • Sacred Sites
  • Water Guardians
  • Vital Water Taps
  • Springs (link)
  • Places to sleep
  • Places to eat


The data structure and fields can be flexibly determined based on our needs and requirements as we evolve.

All directories are filled by members submitting their listing on the front end of the site. They can edit them at any time at their convenience, to keep their data up to date.

In contrast to many other directories, this should keep our directories live and fresh and interactive!

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