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Project Milestones

Key Milestone: Water Education Learning Line

Our primary milestone is the development of a comprehensive Water Education Learning Line, targeted at children aged 4 to 16. This is a crucial requirement for Water Art to be officially incorporated into the education curriculum.

Education forms a core part of the World Water Community Foundation’s activities, and while Water-Art education is currently offered as a pilot and extracurricular activity, we aim to further develop a robust Water Education Learning Line and obtain official approval before rolling it out to schools in The Netherlands.

Our Water Education Learning Line aims to equip children with the knowledge and skills necessary to become conscious and responsible users of water. It will provide students with an understanding of the impact of water on life on Earth, and how it can be sustainably managed. Through this learning track, students will learn about creating a sustainable society and protecting our planet from the adverse effects of climate change and water pollution.

The estimated cost for developing our Water Education Learning Line is €50,000. The initial €50,000 in donations received will be dedicated towards financing this crucial milestone.