Application and Information Request page for donors

The World Water Community strives to offer WaterArt to students at the lowest possible cost, preferably free of charge, depending on donors and sponsors.

Would you like to sponsor a student or a class for doing this program?

One student kit (costs 25,- approximately): booklet, petri dish, measuring cup, packaging

This amounts also accounts for order fulfillment, shipping costs, customer support department, website server management, online learning management system, video streaming costs, etc.

There are several options through which you can support the Water Art project personally and/or as a company. You can sponsor one student or as many as you want. You can sponsor a class, or sponsor the entire project.

Please also share this page through all social media. It saves on marketing costs.

  • Be a donor (individual, company):
    Help your child and/or the rest of their classmates be inspired by the wonder of water! Perhaps your employees are also willing to donate a small amount? Inspire them to social community action by forwarding this Water Art project.
  • Be a sponsors (company, organization, etc.)
    We have special sponsor packages for companies that want to sponsor this project. Your company name will be reported on the website. In addition, there is room on printed material for a few major sponsors each year. Please visit the Sponsor Information.

The costs of the required education packages, minus the budget available by schools, determines the remaining amount we need from donors and sponsors.

We can only start ordering the materials for the student and teacher packages when there are sufficient funds.

World Water Community is a Dutch nonprofit tax-deductible foundation

Every drop counts!


If you would like to donate an amount, please fill in the Donor form below. We strive for 100% open accountancy, and therefore we’d like to provide a donor overview (this can be anonymous or with your name). You will be redirected to the Stripe payment system.


Do you want your (company or oganization) name and logo on our special sponsor page and/or in the printed lesson booklet that all students receive, and a sponsor backlink that you are one of the sponsors of this WaterArt project?

Click on the blue button below for more information.

Important information

Currently, the project is in the pilot stage and is being crowdfunded. Before we can launch globally, there is much work that needs to be done. The video has been translated into 15 languages, but it has not been voiced over yet. We also need to write and test teaching materials for teachers and an entire curriculum to teach children aged 4-8, 8-12, and 12-16 about water.

Currently, we have one pilot project in The Netherlands, and we plan to start another pilot project in the USA. In order to roll out the project globally over the next year, we need to reach 100,000-200,000 children and order materials such as Petri dishes and booklets in large quantities to take advantage of volume discounts.

As a result, our expenses, including purchases and overhead costs, have been budgeted to fall between 2.5 and 5 million.


Therefore, our expenses, including purchase and overhead costs, are budgeted to be between 2.5 and 5 million. Rather than targeting 100,000 students all at once, we have chosen to implement the project in smaller increments, municipality by municipality. This approach enables local companies to become sponsors and support water education within their communities, which in turn promotes community branding. 

As a result, our expenses, including purchases and overhead costs, have been budgeted to fall between 2.5 and 5 million.
It’s important to note that the donation form should not be used as an order form for purchasing the course for your own child or children. Instead, it’s meant to support the project and the children who will receive the donated packages.

If you are interested in ordering the course for yourself, please visit

Donor form + payment

Currently, your donation will be used for further development of the Water Art project.  For example: € 25, represents 1 education pack equivalent.
Each equivalent. will be compensate each equivalent, later on with money received from sponsors.