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Application and Information Request Form to Teach

Is your school in the Netherlands? We are ready to go!

Is your school not in the Netherlands? Feel free fill out the application form and we will contact you when we rollout the Water Art project in your area!

The World Water Community aims to offer this Water Art to students as low-cost as possible, preferably for free, this depends on donors and sponsors.

We can lower the costs when we bulk order the petri dishes, and create the student and teacher packages for a large number of participants.

In order to order and prepare the materials, we need to know which schools:
– are interested (so that we can determine the amount of student and teacher packages)
– have a budget per student for this project (one student kit costs 25,- approximately if we order in bulk)
– are willing to support this project in an other way. For example via local media attention, asking local businesses to sponsor, etc.

The total sum of all education packages needed, and available budget per student,
determines the amount we need to receive from donors and sponsors.

The time needed for order fulfillment of the education package is ± 45 days.

So, please fill in this form a.s.a.p. in order to join this Water Art project.

Your application now is for showing you are interested, for our inventarization,
and NOT a binding agreement.

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School, Teacher, PTA & Parent application form

NOTE: This website is still under construction, form willbe recived for future reference, but not responded to soon.